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Much has been said about how we can organize our life now with the tools we have online. However, not much has been discussed about actually doing it. But with MyLifeListed, you can start listing all your life experiences in one place. This tool lets you create a variety of lists that will help you remember the best moments of your life.

lists of life experiences

Once you are signed up and logged in, you can enter several items including the books you have read, movies you have watched, places you have traveled to, cars you own and much more. You can create lists based on what you value the most, helping you record your special experiences. You can also add photos, ratings, comments, maps and more to your lists.

The app also counts items in your lists and aggregates them to create a dashboard where you can find out how many times you travelled, how many books you read, etc. Share the lists with friends or see other peoples lists.  You can also search for your Smart Lists, a tool that creates special lists from a specific criteria, bringing in a different perspective to your lists.

This tool is especially useful for anyone who want to record details of their life without using a diary or a blog.


  • List your life experiences online.
  • Create items of things you did and sort them.
  • Look back on moments you enjoyed the most.
  • Add photos, ratings, comments, location and more.
  • Share list to friends.

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