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When you host your first website or a blog on the Internet, most likely you are hosting it with a shared hosting provider. Shared hosting is cheap (starting from $1-2/month) and good enough for beginner websites as they usually don’t attract that much traffic in the beginning as well for most sites that average no more than couple of thousands visitors per month.

However, when your website starts growing in popularity or one of your posts gets viral through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc) your site is likely to go down for some time. Since your website is hosted on a shared server along with other many websites, when you hit above your usage limit your hosting provider simply takes you down to protect other websites on that server. This is one of drawbacks of hosting your site on a shared hosting.


On the other hand, if you site is not that popular but you noticed it responding slowly at times it means that some other site on your shared server is consuming resources beyond their limit. You can’t easily know what websites are hosted on your shared server. That’s where MyIpNeighbours comes in. It is a web-based application that lets you find out what are your neighboring websites on a shared hosting. Not only can it give you a good idea idea about how crowded (reliable) your server is, but also explore the overall quality of ‘neighboring’ websites.

To see the neighbor websites on your shared host, type in your website and click Enter to see the list of domain and IP addresses on the server.



  • Lists websites hosted on the same shared server as your website/blog
  • Enter an IP address to find websites hosts
  • Enter a domain name to find the IP address and other domains hosted on that IP

Check out MyIpNeighbors @

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