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With lots of stuff going on, colleges can be an overwhelming experience for many people. MyEdu is a simple tool that helps you organize and manage your college education online so you don’t lose track of things. Once you sign up for free and add your college information, the tool lets you create a degree timeline by letting you enter different courses you will take each semester.

To add courses to your timeline, you can browse by department or even by the name of the professor. For each course, you can add class schedules to your timetable so you know with a single glance what your days ahead will look like. To add a schedule, simply search for your specific section and click to add those times to your schedule for rest of the semester. You can also view ratings for each professor or rate them based on your experience.

MyEdu also lets you take care of textbooks by letting you search for the right book using a title or ISBN and letting you compare prices across 8 different vendors including Amazon and eBay. In addition to individual textbooks, you can also search for bundles and buy them from the vendor.

The tool also has a social touch by letting you invite friends and sending them messages through a secure inbox. You can also build an informal resume by adding different classes and experiences.



  • Search and add courses to create a degree timeline.
  • Quickly get an overview of different semesters and courses.
  • Build schedules around classes and events.
  • Add friends and send them messages.
  • Search for textbooks and compare prices across major vendors.
  • Build resume by adding experience and skills.

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  1. Tetractys8
    April 15, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    My favorite part of myedu is the professor grades- it tells you what percentage of As and Fs different profs give.