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AP (Advance Placement) exams help you in college by automatically being eligible for certain courses and skipping the prerequisite courses. This helps save not only time but money as well. Here to help you find the colleges and courses corresponding to the AP tests you took is a web service called “MyEdu Credit Finder.”

myedu credit finder

MyEdu Credit Finder is a free to use web service that helps you get the most of your AP exams. After creating an account on the site you specify the AP exams you have taken and the scores you received. Next you type in the US colleges you are interested in. Quickly a list of these colleges is shown which the number of credits you are eligible skip and the potential savings these will result in. The results can be arranged by credits, savings, and most tests. By clicking on the “Exam Details” link you can find out which AP test corresponds to which college course.

myedu credit finder

For college applicants weighing their options, MyEdu Credit Finder is an invaluable online tool.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you find colleges where you AP exams can benefit you.
  • Find out the college courses you are eligible to skip.
  • Discover potential savings.
  • Provides detailed information such corresponding each course to your AP exam.

Check out “MyEdu Credit Finder” @ 

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