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Developers often create code snippets which they reuse in their other projects. Having remote access to these snippets therefore can be quite helpful. To help make your snippets remotely accessible, check out MyCodeStock, a web service that stores code snippets of all popularly used programming languages.

store your code snippets

MyCodeStock saves snippets of code in popular programming languages. You can use the site to make your most used snippets remotely accessible or to simply back up some of the programs you have written. Folder organization and search capabilities let you easily classify and find the code snippets from your library. For each code snippet you can add a title and description.

back up your code

The main code has appropriately highlighted syntax and reserve words, line numbers, tags, privacy settings, and language labels.



Other options include going to a particular line, turning off the syntax highlighting, and expanding the code to full screen.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you back up your code online.
  • Supports many popularly used programming languages.
  • Supports folders and search.
  • Appropriately highlights code syntax and reserve words.
  • Displays lines for snippets.
  • Helps make snippets remotely accessible.
  • Can serve as a backup for your code snippets.
  • Similar tools:  Snippshot, WP-Snippets, Snipplr, CodeFetch, CodePaste and TextSnip.

Check out MyCodeStock @

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  1. Rynaldo
    February 26, 2015 at 5:10 pm is completely free and well worth a try!