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Everyone has unused electronics in their homes: old cellphones, appliances, broken laptops etc. Simply throwing them away in a trash pollutes the environment. If you care about the environment but are too lazy to look for the nearest recycling center, now you can recycle old electronics in a responsible and eco-friendly way without leaving your couch at, either for free or for a reward.

recycle old electronics

Here is how it works:

  1. Complete the 3-step questionnaire about your device.
  2. Get a reward estimate based on its condition and model.
  3. Enter your personal details (email, name, address etc) and receive a pre-paid shipping label in your email.
  4. Mail them your device in an envelope by attaching the pre-paid shipping label.

You will receive a tracking number in the email using which you can check the status of your device at any time (registered, received, recycled etc). If there is any personal information on the device, it will be purged upon receiving the device.

There is also an option to get your reward cash from your recycled devices automatically transferred to your favorite charity.

recycle electronic products



  • Recycle electronic products in an eco-friendly way for a reward.
  • Find out the reward for your devices.
  • Keep track of your recycled devices and rewards online.
  • Transfer reward money of your recycled devices automatically to your favorite charity.

MyBoneYard is not the only site that lets you get rid of  your electronics. Some of the other similar websites include Venjuvo, SecondRotation, SellMyOldCellPhone , RecycleQuote, Gazelle and BuyMyTronics.

Check out MyBoneYard @

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