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A large number of children are unaware of the agricultural process and how food is processed. To help teachers better explain the process to students is a web service called My American Farm.

teach children about agriculture

My American Farm is a web service that provides ‘funducational’ games to help children learn about agriculture and food processing. Thirteen different games are featured on the site. These games correspond to various aspects of agriculture: mathematical, scientific, and social. Children can play these games and learn about the concepts addressed in them while having fun.

Teachers can better understand the site and the games by accessing the list of standards published on the site. Additional resources to further help teachers are also offered.


Also offered by the site are fun family activities in the form of activity sheets, take-home activities, and book suggestions.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps teach students about agriculture.
  • Teaches concepts through games.
  • Games address math, science, and social science aspects of agriculture.

Check out My American Farm @

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