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upload multiple photos facebook androidDo you have some great photos on Facebook? Facebook’s popularity comes along with a certain amount of importance in our lives. We use it to communicate with our friends and family, generally uploading most of our best photos in the process. This means that when we have some great photos we want to share, we want it to be easy to upload them to Facebook. Conversely, when we want to use our best photos, we see Facebook as a repository of some of our favourites. To make our lives easier, we need to have many easy ways to get these photos on and off Facebook.

For Android users, MyAlbum has just arrived to help out. Previously, Android users using the Facebook application had no ability to download Facebook photos to their phone and couldn’t upload more than one photo at a time to Facebook. With MyAlbum, users can download or upload whole albums at a time.

Get MyAlbum

MyAlbum for Facebook is a free application available in the Android App Store. Just download and get started instantly. The application will direct you to a Facebook Connect login to get you started.

upload multiple photos facebook android

Downloading Albums & Photos You’re Tagged In

You can download your own albums and any photos you’ve been tagged in using MyAlbum. However, it’s not possible to download your friends’ photo albums using this application. You can’t choose individual photos to download either – it’s all or nothing.

To use, check whichever albums you wish to download and press “Download“.


multiple facebook photos

Photos are saved in /sdcard/MyAlbum and further sorted into appropriate sub-folders as you download photos.

Uploading Albums

To upload a single photo, navigate to your photo gallery and long-press the photo you want to upload. Choose “Share” and then choose “MyAlbum” as the service you want to use.

Uploading multiple photos will depend on your phone and how your gallery works. Some people will choose photos first, then click the “Share” button and choose MyAlbum as the service. Others will click the “Share” button first and then choose the MyAlbum service. Only then will they choose the photos to upload.

If you can’t see MyAlbum as a service, try rebooting the device before trying again.

Alternatives To MyAlbum

There’s a lot of different ways to get photos on and off Facebook. Within Android, users can always use the regular Facebook application to upload single photos. On the web, users can download Facebook photos using a number of websites and applications, such as Photograbber How to Get Photos From Facebook Into Google Plus [Mac & Windows] How to Get Photos From Facebook Into Google Plus [Mac & Windows] You've probably heard about Google Plus recently. You may love it or hate it or still be yet to try it, but most of us tech fans seem determined to give it a go. However,... Read More , Pick & Zip Pick & Zip - The Fastest Way to Download Facebook Photos Pick & Zip - The Fastest Way to Download Facebook Photos Read More and Fluschipranie 3 Tools To Download Facebook Photo Albums 3 Tools To Download Facebook Photo Albums Storing your personal photos and sharing them with your contacts is one of the most popular Facebook features.Today's post shares three tools to download your and your friends' photo albums. Read More .

Despite these alternatives, using the MyAlbum application is still the easiest way to get whole albums directly from Facebook on to your Android device. This means you can have easy access to your best profile pictures or holiday snaps for use in other applications or for showing friends and family in person.

upload multiple photos facebook android

Has the MyAlbum application made it easier for you to upload photos to Facebook? Did you find it useful to be able to download whole albums straight to your Android phone? Do you know of more apps that do similar things? Let us know in the comments!

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