MyAKA: Add A Second Alias Number To Hide Your Real Mobile Number

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Our mobile number is an extension of us. Anyone can find us, chat with us, and call us. It is part of our identity. However, there are times when we just want to close off the pipe and protect our mobile number. MyAKA is a service that does just that  – giving users a second phone number or an alias, that works exactly like any mobile number while hiding yours.

hide your real number

Once you have signed up for the service, MyAKA smartly assigns a mobile number that is in the same area code as your real number. This way, your contacts won’t know if you are using your real number or not. People can then call or text your second number and it will go straight to your phone. Once you add a contact, MyAKA will assign a unique ID that matches the contacts’ number so you can call and SMS your contacts through MyAKA.

MyAKA also routes your mobile plan to allow messaging and calls to your phone so that you won’t have to carry a second device.

Having a second number also unlocks features offered by MyAKA such as Pause for your MyAKA number, instant blocking, view call history, view usage, and view number list online.

MyAKA proposes that you put your trust in them in to ensure your real number is hidden from others. It is easy to reveal our mobile number – every time we sign up for a membership, talk to a business contact, or complete transactions, we always end up giving out our number. With MyAKA you are protected from accidentally providing your number to people you do not know and go on with your life worry-free about your personal information.

MyAKA offers a range of prices from the minimal 100 text plan up to 500 call and SMS plans.


  • Protect your real number by getting an alias.
  • Call and text from your alias number seamlessly.
  • Add contacts that you want to converse through MyAKA.
  • Easy setup.
  • Check call info, usage history, and MyAKA contacts online
  • Pricing available in different text and call plans.

Check out MyAKA @

Comments (9)
  • Anthony Marc

    I’m really not sure how this is a better alternative than Google Voice which has absolutely no charges for text, sms, or voice.  And there is an app I use to manage it simply on my Android and my iPad.  This one is a waste of money.  Someone interested in this surely would know about Google Voice already.  And if they don’t, then they are stupid and they never will find that site anyway.

  • Ronnburner

    A co-worker of mine actually turned me on to MyAKA. I have been able to
    completely separate my personal life from my business life with the
    awesome features offered. The “PAUSE” option is a lifesaver when you want to completely avoid being bombarded with business calls while having dinner with my wife yet I can still have my phone on in case our daughter calls. It’s really one of those things that makes me now say “how did I ever live without this!”

  • Amazonite

    Seems like Google Voice would be an easier alternative, for free?

  • Ronnburner

    I was actually looking at Google Voice first but it won’t work with my old school Nokie flip phone because I can’t get aps through it. It would still serve my basic needs since I don’t get to technical with techy stuff but only if I am on a computer to access it, which is not practical for me since the vast majority of my time is spent on the move remotely away from computer access.

    With this (based on my phone) I’m able to perform any of the features I choose just by sending a text. It really can’t get any quicker or more convenient than that. And I guess, for me, that value is worth the expense. But I get your point… I’ll investigate further once I finally upgrade phones.

  • John_MyAKA

    Anthony Marc,

    I understand that GV allows for certain controls through their web interface or via their app.  However, as I mentioned in my previous post, MyAKA offers all of its features without the need for an app or an Internet connection.  Although apps and tablets are very popular, they are not the standard and many people are still uncomfortable using them.  This product allows one to manage all privacy features from their phone using text message communications.

    A user is certainly able to receive GV calls without an app, but they cannot make them without one (or an Internet connection).  I have the GV app. for my Android as well and, while I am certainly biased, I would rather not be required to go through an app to decide which number I want to use to make an outbound call.  With our product both incoming and outgoing calls are protected through the MyAKA number.     Additionally, I want to be able to manage my contacts and number (blocking, pausing, etc…) without needing to log onto a website to do so.

    This is a privacy product via a mobile phone and our goal is to make every feature accessible on every mobile phone, not just smartphones and not just for more advanced users such as yourself.  GV is a great product and I am a big Google fan but it isn’t for everyone, just as MyAKA isn’t for everyone.

    Thank you for your input.  I hope my response was at least a bit helpful.


  • Anthony Marc

    Get a gmail email account and you can have a Google Voice number, which does the exact same thing, for free.  And I trust that Google isn’t some fly by night company which will be gone in six months and leave me hanging with business cards showing a number that is no longer in service.  Go to and look at the features there.  I really can’t understand how a company can survive offering a service for such an extortionate amount that you can get for free somewhere else.  I mean, seriously??  Save yourself four or five hundred bucks a year and get a Google Voice account.

  • Anthony Marc

    Uhm…  Have you even looked at Google Voice?  You just described exactly what they have been offering for years.  I can log in and block your number so it never goes anywhere, set it to straight to voicemail, make you announce yourself before I answer it, and other options.  It has voicemail attached that I can listen to while they are leaving it and jump in if I decide it is important too.  Sort of like screening your calls with an answering machine.  I just don’t see anything in your feature list that is worth any amount of money compared to what Google Voice is offering for free.  I would really love to see a side by side comparison of your services so you can justify charging me $40+ dollars per month for what is essentially a Google Voice account. 

  • Aibek

    thanks for the input

  • John_MyAKA


    Thank you for your input.

    Google Voice allows for more access to an individual with their routing system where as our intent is to allow for more privacy.  We have features which allow for easy blocking of numbers, pausing your number so calls and texts go straight to voicemail and outbound call privacy without the need for an app. or Internet connection.



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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.