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TV channels offer many good shows to watch. With numerous good shows on air, it is difficult to keep a track of which of your favorite series will be airing soon. Here to help you out is a browser extension called My Episode Guide.

when episodes air

My Episode Guide is a free to use browser tool for Google Chrome. The tool basically installs itself as an extension to Chrome and adds a new button in the browser’s address bar. You click on the button a menu drops that lets you add your favorite shows to the list. From then on whenever you click on the button, you are shown when the next episode of your favorite shows is going to air. Dates for the past episodes of a particular can also be viewed.

my episode guide

In case your region airs those episodes a few days later or earlier than the mentioned dates, you can adjust the dates in the extension to coincide with the show airing dates of your region.


  • A user-friendly browser tool
  • Compatible with Google Chrome
  • Lets you view airing dates of episodes of your favorite shows
  • Lets you adjust dates

Check out My Episode Guide @ 

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