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If your emails never seem to reach some of your contacts, it is possible that your mail server was added to one of popular email blacklists. Since most corporate email systems use these black lists as a way to block junk mail, your emails will always get filtered before reaching the intended recipients. To find out if your corporate or personal mail server was blacklisted check out MX ToolBox.

You just enter the domain name of your email and it automatically identifies IP addresses of the existing mail servers for that domain (also called MX records) and lets you check them against 147 DNS based email blacklists. If your mail server is on any of these black lists you will see it as “LISTED” in the Status column.

There is also an additional “Diagnostics” tab that lets you measure your mail server’s response time performance.


  • Check if your corporate or personal email is added to one of 147 popular email black lists
  • Test your email server’s response time
  • Free, no sign up

Check out MX Toolbox @

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