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Muzu is a website that caters to people who either produce music or people who simply like to just listen to it. If you’re into producing music then no matter whether you have a record label or not, Muzu will pay you 50% of the ad revenue your content generates.

All of the content on Muzu is video and they have built up quite a big library. All the music rights on Muzu are protected because they have signed a deal with over 200 international labels which includes Sony BMG Music Entertainment and a lot of other big labels in the industry.

On the front page of the website you will see that there are featured channels, top videos, best of the tube, live and documentaries. At the top of the website is the search bar where you can search for music videos by artists and bands.

If you’re looking for a new artist or band in a particular genre then you can easily discover them by choosing ‘genre’ or the type under ‘Browse Content’ and then clicking the arrow to continue. You will then be taken to a results page that will show you the type of music that you selected that’s available on Muzu. You can sort these by channels, videos or users, as well as ordering by ‘most viewed’ and ‘most recent’. If you see something that catches your eye then click the image to view the content.

When you load up an artist or a band, the first page you will see is the TV page. This is the page where a video of their featured content is played. You can view that band or artists profile, messages and Fan TV by clicking the other links at the top of the page. If you like the content on that page and want to send it to friends you can do this at the click of a button. Press “Send To Friend” at the top of the page and then enter your friends email addresses.

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If you like the content a lot then you can also add it to your favorites if you have an account on Muzu. You can also send the owner of the channel a message by clicking ‘send message’ then entering a subject and a message and finally pressing ‘send’. If you’ve made a fan video of the artist or band you can upload it to their channel on the same page.

Creating Your Muzu Account

To watch content on Muzu you don’t need an account. But if you visit Muzu a lot and you want to favorite artists and bands then you should create an account to keep all your favorites organized.

Once you have created your Muzu account people will be able to view your user account at [your_username] or if you’re a artist/band[your_band].

Customizing Your Channel

If there are videos that you like then you can add them to the playlist on your channel by clicking the ‘+’ sign in the video player to add it.

To change the theme of your Muzu profile go to ‘My Channel’ and then click ‘Customize’. From here click the themes tab and then you can choose which theme you would like to use.

On the Customize Toolbar there are widgets, themes, backgrounds and settings.

Under the Widgets tab you’ll be able to add playlists, images, texts and your Muzu Favorites to your pages. For the themes tab you’ll be able to choose a theme for your Muzu profile, for backgrounds you’ll be able to upload images and set them as your background and under the settings tab you will be able to change your password, default page and privacy settings.

Muzu is a nice simple website but it feels somewhat incomplete as if something is missing. How do you think Muzu scores compared to other music video websites out there? Some of the other cool websites to watch music videos that were covered in 12 Cool Places to Watch Music Videos. Let us know by leaving your comments.

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