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Do you want to listen to your favorite songs or watch music videos on Facebook? Here comes the app that fits music lovers. Muziic is an application that brings playlists to your Facebook account. It allows you to listen to music and watch music videos pulled from YouTube.

playlist to facebook

To use the application, key in Muziic in the search page and allow access to your profile. You can search and add tracks in the playlist, listen to the web radio, and browse through albums. Moreover you can make a new playlist and share it with your Facebook friends. Like other Facebook applications, you can post Muziic on your profile so that your friends will know what you are currently listening to. All songs played are sourced from YouTube.


  • Allows Facebook users to create, save, and share playlists.
  • Music and videos are pulled from YouTube.
  • Users can view user’s playlists, recent playbacks, top radio stations, top artists, and top tracks.
  • Application can be posted to the Facebook profile.
  • Also see the Muziic Web Player at
  • Similar Tools: Tunesbag,, and

Check out Muziic Facebook App @

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