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Usually when you have an event (such as a party or family gathering) someone takes pictures, another tapes with a camcorder, etc. After the event, it is hard to collect all these photos and videos in a single place as it involves multiple people. Enter muveeCloud. It lets you easily consolidate photos and videos from an event in one place and share them privately with friends.

To use the service, just sign up for an account and create a new album with photos and videos for each event you want to share. Then click “Invite” on an album page and start inviting friends and family. Invited people can view and continue to contribute to the album without signing up or downloading any software. To contribute they simply have to reply to the email with an attachment and muveeCloud takes care of the rest.

share videos photos private

Once you have all the event’s content (photos and videos) in place, you can create fun home videos with this content called muvees. For every such muvee you can pick your style and choose your music.


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