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Musink is a free music composition editor that lets you easily write music notes. To write a note, you simply click where you would like notes to appear and proceed note by note. Note and rest durations are set and adjusted automatically for you. Most notation editors make it your responsibility to make music look good. Musink takes this burden from you and automates all layout tasks. When you move a note, or add a mark, other marks, notes, rests and text will move automatically to make room. When you delete items, others will move to ensure no unsightly gaps appear in your score.

As soon as you done with your music score, it takes 2 clicks to publish it as a PDF/PNG/XPS document, which you can easily share online or send by email. No need to install software or a plug-in to make your notes readable by others.

Apart from music notes, Musink also lets you create books, simple posters, and drum loops by providing a series of templates. It is free and contains step-by-step instructions for most tasks.

sheet music editor

When you complete a music score, export it to a PDF document with 2 clicks.




  • Easy-to-use, automated music composition editor.
  • Automates layout tasks.
  • Publish your music scores in 2 clicks to PDF/PNG/XPS document.
  • MIDI compatible – plays your scores back to you through any general-MIDI compatible device.
  • Export your music as MIDI or MIDI loops.
  • Create drum loops.
  • Write snippets, scores, books.
  • Music playback.
  • Free to download for personal and commercial use.

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  1. Robert Owens
    February 20, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    This really does look like a fantastic find! I've messed with "Musescore," which I like a lot, but I find its notation entry quite hard to get used to. "Musink" looks great!

  2. Marc O
    November 1, 2012 at 11:45 am

    This free notation editor is fantastic for drum music! Thanks!