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recent music eventsTry it out. Flowd is may not be a genius concept yet. We have seen social networks devoted completely to music and its fans before. Disregarding the fact that every site these days has social networking built in, we have quite a variety from to Ping on iTunes. So, is there a place for a new social network for music lovers at the high table?

The secret lies in the phrase – music lovers – and the niche the site is trying to tap. Each newly discovered network gives us a portal to discover new artists, catch up on recent music events around town, and of course make new friends.

So, these three catch phrases may not make Flowd the new pretender to the musical crown yet, but it still gives us a place to land on.

A Social Network for both Musicians and Fans

recent music events

Flowd is centered more around Europe but is gradually going over across the Atlantic. The fresh site brings both artists and music fans under a common digital roof. Flowd is a platform for artists to promote their work and directly connect to their fans. On Flowd, you can also find event organizers, record label honchos, and anyone else who has a remote link to music.

music events

Signing up with Facebook Connect joins the two networks together. You can also spread the word to your Twitter friends. Flowd is also built around its mobile apps available on iPhone, Android, and Nokia.

Find Your Favorite Artists on Flowd

music events

The search for artists and musical idols, and their acts will probably be your favorite activity on Flowd. You can straightaway find your favorite artists and start following updates on latest gigs and releases. As the screen above shows, you can do a search, browse by genre of music, or trawl through fan clubs, record labels, and venues. I usually find that browsing by genre brings me closest to the chance discovery of news artists and their tracks.

Here’s a screen grab of the pop-punk band California’s Flowd page.

music events

You can follow all their updates with a single click. Get informed of upcoming events; and catch related videos from this page (may or may not be related to the artist). You can rave and rant on the ‘Wall’ and even upload pics. Every Flowd page on an artist or a group also connects you to their page.

Get To the Events

latest music events

You can catch the listed upcoming events or search for them by name, artist, genre, or place. The Active Events Walls is another nice diversion if you want to check out who all are attending and other related information.

Let the World Know

latest music events

These days, you just cannot be social without letting the world know your whereabouts with the help of mobile apps. You could think of it as an invasion of privacy, but you could also turn it around by getting into the best social dos in town and flashing the ‘achievement’ on Flowd.

You can create your own locations or check out where others (for instance, your favorite artists on Flowd) are hanging out.

The Flow

recent music events

It all comes together nicely in your personal stream that’s called ‘Flow’ here. It gives you a snapshot of all your activity on Flowd. This is where you can shout across to your network from.

On The Go with Flowd

Flowd wouldn’t go very far without mobile apps to support it. While I have covered the website here, you can try out the iPhone, Android, and Nokia apps that Flowd has.

Flowd easily lets you in the know about what’s hot. Though the service has to cover some road before it really hits the popularity charts, it’s a fresh place to discover new artists. If you are a musician yourself, it could be a place to park your band and do some free promotions. Flowd is not crowded, so there’s a lot of scope for some nicely targeted promotions.

You would want all sorts of extras when it comes to a music site – for instance,streaming music or a playlist creator to share music. Or even a recommendation engine. Flowd is no but it starts off simply as a nice niche place to discover new musicians and events around town.

Give Flowd a try and tell us if it can hold its own against the heavyweights.


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  1. Wilmusic
    November 23, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Try Following the following ARTIST: Ilegales, J'martin, Tono Rosario, Super Group VENA..
    Lenny and Max santos from AVENTURA and Steve Styles from Xtreme...