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Almost everybody has a Facebook account these days, and for some highly active users, Facebook is the place where they post all their photos, starting from childhood up to today. If you are one of these active users or a narcissist, and ever wondered how it would feel to see all these photos flash before your eyes, check out this app called Museum Of Me by Intel.

It takes all of your photos from your Facebook profile, as well as photos of your most contacted friends, things you “Liked” and puts them into a virtual museum. To try it out, simply go to their website and authorize the app to access your Facebook data. Once your data is gathered and processed, you will see an animated movie where your photos are hung on the walls of a virtual museum, with strangers looking at them as you are guided from one room to another.

see all facebook photos

A virtual museum from your Facebook photos.


If you want to save the animation for later, use a screencasting tool to record it from your browser and download it to your computer.


Watch video:


  • See all your Facebook photos, photos of your active friends, “Liked” videos and things in a virtual museum mode.
  • Free, sign in with your Facebook account.
  • The app doesn’t store your Facebook information.

Check out Intel’s Museum Of Me @

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  1. Patrick Barden
    June 8, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    Can you recommend a screen cast program?  I've tried several to record my museum and so far none of them have worked.  I love the site, but I want to keep a copy of mine.