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DeviantArt is the web’s most popular art sharing community and now they have introduced an awesome html5 drawing canvas called Muro. The app is based on HTML5 and is quite lightweight and crash free since it doesn’t depend on the buggy flash. You can draw, erase, flood fill, change the size of the brush and even the opacity.

Muro also has a number of filters that can be applied to the objects including emboss, smooth, blur, lighten, darken, sharpen or insert glowing edges. A variety of free brushes are available including smoke, drippy, nightmare, scatter and sketch,

Plus, the pro version of Muro also allows you to buy other cool brushes for a small fee. Any drawing created in Muro can be saved as a PNG.

html5 drawing canvas


  • A light-weight HTML5 drawing app.
  • Draw with a number of brushes.
  • Enhance your image with over 20 filters.
  • Export your image as PNG.
  • Use eye-dropper and the flood fill for advance drawing.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: Aloha-Editor, CloudCanvas, SketchPad, FlashPaint, ScribLink, Myoats, FlockDraw, ScribblerToo and ImaginationCubed.

Visit Muro @


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