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The Muppets Never Ending Mahna Mahna is a video clip that keeps going on and on as people add video clips to it with them saying Mahna Mahna.

never ending mahna mahna

While the video gives out no gifts or anything for being a part of it, it is a funny thing and people just like to be a part of it to show their love and appreciation for The Muppets.

Being a part of the never-ending clip is easy and simple. All a user has to do is click “Start” after which the user will need to enter his/her date of birth and then accepts the Terms of Service. Once done, use the webcam to record yourself saying “Mahna Mahna” and then make it public if you think it is good enough. The video will then be added to the never-ending video clip list.


  • A funny way to be part of something unique.
  • Create funny videos.

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