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Although most of us use Google on a daily basis only few people really know about various useful search operators that Google offers. There is a lot more to this tiny search field than you might think.

Google Search Operators

I assume you already know that Google can be also used as calculator, currency converter and even measurement unit converter. But what about using Google to search for nearby pizzerias or checking movie showtimes in local cinemas.

Best Google Search Tips

Basically, there are several handy Google search operators that you can make use of on a daily basis. Today we ask you to vote on your top 5, the ones you find extremely useful and use (or at least see yourself using) on a regular basis. And if you’re one of those who has no idea about search operators here is your chance to learn a few.

Please Vote!


Did we miss your favorite search operator? Add it in comments.

You can find get more details on specific search oprator here and here.

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