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Image It’s time for another poll. Today we want to ask you about disk defrag tools. What program do you use to defragment your hard drive?

Anyone who’s owned a Windows PC for a long time will probably agree that eventually you have to defrag the hard drive. As you move files around and keep installing new programs your disk gets fragmented. Fragmented files take longer to run and results in slower performance. So if you want to keep the hard drive at its peak performance, make sure to defragment your computer once in a while.

As with any other piece of software, some defrag tools tend to perform a lot faster and better than the other ones. While certain people prefer in-built Windows Defragmention Tool, others (incl. myself) prefer something else. There are also those who are simply not aware of alternatives.

Anyhow, what do you use? Please vote! (you can select up to 2 options)

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