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Flash was originally created (and also broadly used) for website design. It didn’t stay with that though, as Flash also proved to be a great platform for animations and web games. Throughout the years, tons of sites have risen, offering an overload of Flash content.

We will be discussing a few of these sites today. More precisely, the best places for good and free flash games that play right out of your browser. What more do you want?


newgrounds game

Newgrounds is one of the most popular flash ‘portals’ around. It was also one of the first I discovered, about 8 or 9 years ago to be exact. There was a time I visited Newgrounds everyday, utterly addicted to the movies and games. I started making my own things some time after (like stop motion movies and a very crappy dress-up game). After that, I decided to leave it to the pro’s.

You’ll be amazed by the quality of the work. I am too, everytime I visit.

Newgrounds’ system allows everyone to submit their flash content. Then it’ll receive ratings from other users and be deleted if it’s not good enough. The best submissions will reach the frontpage or the daily top five.

Check out the games section here.

Albino Black Sheep

albino black sheep games

Albino Blacksheep is another huge flash site. It started a few years after Newgrounds, originally as a music orientated website. Over the years it grow towards other media, like flash. Now it has a user-base that’s almost similar to that of Newgrounds.

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Albino Blacksheep works also completely of user-submitted content. In their help pages, they’ve included the image below, explaining the Albino Blacksheep flow.

albino black sheep .com

Besides a recently renovated interface, they also feature a Wii Games page. On this page you’ll find flash games that are carefully selected and adjusted, making them playable using the Wii browser.

Take a look at the Albino Blacksheep games section for a wide variety of great games.

Armor Games

armor games

Armor Games is both a flash game directory and a game sponsor. People can submit their flash games after which they’ll be reviewed and checked to see if they’re appropriate for the website and possible sponsorship.

You’ll often see games sponsored by AG on other sites like Newgrounds or Albino Blacksheep, but they also post all games they sponsor on their own website.

Check out the Armor Games website for a directory of the highest quality.


zylom games for free

Zylom is a great place to go if you want to train your brain. This Realgames project hosts over 200 fun and free games. This might not seem much compared to Newgrounds or Albino Blacksheep, but that’s mainly because they don’t work with a user-submitting system.

Though they aren’t flash games, they are also playable right out of your browser.

Take a look at the Zylom website here.

And You?

play flash games online free

We at Make Use Of are interested in your opinion.

What flash websites do you prefer? What flash games do you play? Have you played Alien Hominid yet? Anaksha perhaps? And while you’re at it, check out the other comments as well.



How could I ever forget Kongregate? Kongregate is one of the fastest growing web-game communities. And no one from that world takes the word ‘community’ more seriously than those guys.

While most sites limit you to earning points from reviews and ratings, Kongregate works with badges, enhancing your gameplay the furthest. Kongregate members can also earn collectable cards, which they can use in Kongai, Kongregate’s turn-based strategy card game.

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Thinh Vu

I personally prefer They provide a plethora of flash games from developers all over the world, giving you a great variety in gaming. Furthermore, they have really nice community features like in-game chatting, fans, badges, and even their own strategy card game. It’s a really fun site, especially if you need something to waste time with.


Brad Taylor

HOW could Kongregate not be included in this list!?!?

The badge system makes all the games that much worth while to play. And Kongai, Kongregates card game is a great strategy game that works off of the entire site with the weekly Challenge system.

I’ll let this mistake go this once :)


Kongregate is indeed a great website and I’m ashamed that I didn’t mention it in my list… Thanks a lot for the tip, Brad!


Daniel Crabtree

I found this article through codeproject. Maybe you could include my site too :) It’s called and was coded using ASP.NET. As I get more time, I hope to add new features like a user system, user submissions, achievements, multiplayer API, etc. But for now, its just a site where you can play plenty of great games.


Maggie is another great Flash games site. The games are challenging and are some of the best uses of Flash I’ve ever seen.


Ernesto Quezada

Most of the sites mentioned have far too many ads, pop ups, etcetera.
That’s why I like a site called that has only 2 small banners.
The games are hand-picked (as they have only about 200) and even though the site is small, is still good and it’s graphics are nice and clean :)



Jakob FTW..Include it in the list!


John Baima

Kongregate FTW, by far.



Hi, this is a nice list you got :) I was wandering if you could include my website ?
Its a new website but i keep it running and upload games all the time.

Thank you



Good list – however why not collect everyone’s suggestions (including their own plugs) and compile a secondary list?



I am also fan of gaming site mentioned above. But I think should be in the list.



I used to like Kongregate…but I am now partial to They have over 4,000 games, so the selection is great!



i like, not just because it has games updated from lots of sites and developers/sponsors, but it also isnt blocked by my school’s website filter. plus, it has an update every thursday morning, which makes the oh-my-god-i-wish-it-was-friday-today feeling a little better




Check out it’s an awesome site. If you like it you should add it to this list.



This one has a really cool intro idea for a portfolio.. it’s so fun and clever!!





Great article, I would add



Hey everybody,
Check out for the best flash games in full screen!


Wade Harned

I just found this new site it seems promising.

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