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Sports have played a big part in our society for a long time. It’s only natural we want to show off our strength, our speed and our skill.

Sports games have been around for a long time as well (think Pong, for instance), but there aren’t a lot of up to date, free sports games around, never mind car sims. For this article, I went looking for the best (and free) online racing games on the block.

You might recognize some of these car racing games, but I’m sure there’ll also be some new finds.

The Art of Racing

Cars! They’re the first decent toys most children get (toy cars, in particular). We grow up with them. Play with them. Then, when we’re older, we go get ourselves a real one, only to be disappointed we can’t drive 200 km/hr all the time. The closest we’ll get to our childish fantasies is the autobahns in Germany….or racing games of course!

We have two nominees; Driving Speed 2 for the fans of the more realistic driving sims, and TrackMania Nations, a game for the more surreal and acrobatic orientated people among us.

Driving Speed 2

driving speed 2


Driving Speed 2, a Wheelspin Studios game, is a highly realistical driving simulator. If you want to drive laps in high detail, this is your man.

The game features two different circuits and eight different cars. You can either play alone, against the computer, or with friends (up to eight players!) using LAN or the internet.

Type: Racing
Platform: Windows
Download: 124.73MB

+ Stunning Graphics
+ Good car physics
+ Great multiplayer
Only 2 circuits available

TrackMania Nations Forever

trackmania nations forever review

If you’re like me, an adrenaline addict, someone who likes the wind not online up front, but all the way around. If you don’t just want to drive but you want to fly. I present you: TrackMania Nations Forever.

TrackMania Nations Forever is a sequel to the immensely successful title Trackmania Nations. In this expansion, we get new tracks, new cars and even more excitement.

TMNForever is a futuristic race game, with loopings, jumps, accelerator zones and so on. You can race for medals on your own, trying to put down the best possible time and thus increasing in the national or global rankings, or online. Here you can test your skills against a multitude of other onliners, on one of the 65 official or 32.000 user-submitted death defying tracks.

Thats right, user submitted. You can make your own tracks and put them online, hereby delivering back to the insanely huge community.

Type: Futuristic Racing
Platform: Windows
Download: 503.87 MB

+ Great graphics
+ Intuitive steering
+ Great multiplayer
+ Over 32.000 tracks available
Only 1 type of car
More addicting than nicotine

Also see screenshot

trackmania nations forever cars

Other Great Online Racing Games

Of course these aren’t the only decent speeding freebies. Read on for a short list of other great free racing games that didn’t make this article.

What free online racing games are YOU a fan of? Drop the links in the comments!

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