5 Rhythmic Online Flash Music Games to Groove Up Your Day

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Rhythm. I’ve been told by a good friend of mine that I have none. That I can’t dance, can’t feel the music. I’ve tried to prove her wrong. But I must admit that I can’t. Dance, that is.

As for the rhythm, I won’t lay down the weapons just yet. OK, I may suck on the dance floor, but that doesn’t prove anything. I’ll just move on to another platform to prove myself.

The platform in question is a virtual platform. Online Flash Music Games. Rhythm games, to be exact. Can you feel the rhythm? Vini vidi vici.

In this second episode of our weekly flash games compilation we’re going in a whole other direction. This week’s games are all about music and rhythm.

Some of the games are of the popular kind, spin-offs from Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. But others approach the genre with a different view. Read on for six of the best flash music games online.

The Traditional Two

Let’s start out with the two flash music games in this round-up which belong to the traditional rhythm genre; Adagio and Rhythm Fireworks. Not that there’s anything wrong with traditional. There’s a reason these kinds of games became ‘traditional’ in the first place.


Adagio is a Guitar Hero spin-off. It’s a result of ‘Rock Out’, a Newgrounds and Armor Games collaboration contest, where users tried to make the best possible rhythm games whilst competing for an Xbox Elite and a total of $10,000 in prize money.

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This game didn’t win, but is nevertheless a great game. It’s got really nice graphics and though the arsenal of six songs is somewhat limited, you’ll enjoy all the time you have.

adagio - online flash music game

Do you think you can beat my scores? Mind, only first tries count! Share yours in the comments!

online music game

Rhythm Fireworks

Just like Adagio’s is based on Guitar Hero, Rhythm Firework’s is based on Dance Dance Revolution. For those who don’t know DDR by name, it’s that game where you hop to the music on a dance pad.

It isn’t a complete clone though, as Rhythm Firework uses a system of color variations to heighten the complexity a bit. It features a humble number of six songs, thus also limiting the different possibilities, but you only have to look at the high scores to find ‘replay’ motivation.

Rhythm Fireworks - music game

The Innovative Three

Of course it’d get boring to always play similar games, so we’ve also made a list of some progressive music and rhythm games; Music in Motion, Music Catch and Chaoz Escape.

Music in Motion

Music in Motion shares the developer of Rhythm Fireworks, Coolio-Niato. In this game he uses a hugely different concept though. A very interesting one, if I may say so.

MiM features four different levels, and with it, four different kinds of gameplay.

You’ll be running through, evading and fighting music. Check here for the walkthrough.

music in motion - dance flash game

Music Catch

Music Catch is a very relaxing game. You move your mouse around while the game fires the music at you. You gather the notes by hovering over them. Collect yellow orbs to multiply your score, but watch out for the red ones!

Turn your lights down and the music up, and snooze away into the swift world of Music Catch.

music catch

Chaoz Escape

Another game that came forth from the Rock Out competition. Chaoz Devotion and Chaoz Fantasy were two songs composed by ParagonX9 . As a tribute, Lonechicken decided to make an interactive experience of the music.

Move your mouse around the scene and try to evade the red tones, while enjoying the music and artwork.


And You? Your Favorite Online Music Game

Do you know any other great rhythm games? Want to share your high-scores? Tell us about them in the comments!

We’ll be back next week with another compilation of great flash games. Know that suggestions can always be mailed to simon+flash@makeuseof.com.

(courtesy of xkcd.com)

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Few other music flash games:



Both need to be register

Simon Slangen

These look great. Thanks for the share. :-D



do any of these games allow you to upload you own music? other than that, great list.

Simon Slangen

Music Catch does, but only in the paid version.


Erm… paid version? You don’t need to pay to upload your own music onto the game, go to http://www.newgrounds.com and play Music Catch 2 , Simply finish the whole game and you will unlock the function. Sorry for the bad English.



Yeah JamLegend is totally awesome, you should really mention it in this article (although it’s still in Private beta) :)



frets on fire is some much better & it’s open source too



Yeah, Frets on Fire is better (especially with Alarian mod), but it’s not a Flash game, ortherwise I’d be pissed for it not being in the list, it’s the most addictive game on my PC (I play it all the time). Anyways, nice list, here’s my Adagio scores (yes first try)



#_Jennifer;; (VKM)

You might wanna try Osu!

I don’t actually know what it’s called, that’s the shortened version.. “beatmaps” are updated every day with continuous songs, and you can eventually make your own maps yourself.

osu.ppy.sh is the site if you wanna check it out.
It’s not exactly a flash game either, but it passes the time.
Relatively quickly, at that.



Great list. Chaoz Escape looks especially fun.



super crazy guitar maniac…


Have you seen the third one? It’s amazing!



Adagio is a lot of fun. xD I beat all of your scores. Of course, I usually play rhythm game called FFR (FlashFlashRevolution).

http://www.flashflashrevolution.com if any of you want to try it.



For Adagio my scores were:
Demonic Signs-96%
Bionic Commando-97%
F*****’ Groove-99%
Metropolis Zone-99%
Big Blue-94%



Adagio is a tad easy, but I guess that’s because I play flashflashrevolution. Adagio, believe it or not, suffers from a glitch that FFR used to have.

My scores (all 100%): http://i27.tinypic.com/2zqqxiw.png

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