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YouTube, while being the most popular video service today, still has that annoying 15-minute restriction that forces publishers to split their videos into different parts. This also bothers users who want to watch lengthy videos without cuts. MultiPartTube is a nice Google Chrome extension that solves this problem. This tool collects multi-part videos into one playlist to allow you to play them with minimal stops.

play multipart youtube videos

MultiPartTube is fairly easy to use. Once installed, just find a multi-part video and click a link that opens to a different website where you can watch the video in full. It finds these multi-part videos automatically by checking for similar video names with part numbers.

MultiPartTube is very useful for watching documentaries, dramas, or any lengthy video that you can’t miss, providing a solution for a simple problem that many deal with when watching YouTube videos. Hopefully we won’t need this extension for long as YouTube has begun to lift the limit for the length of videos submitted.


  • Watch multipart youtube videos seamlessly.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Click link from YouTube to activate.
  • Find videos with parts automatically.
  • Similar tools: Video History For YouTube, and VidzBigger.

Check out MultiPartTube @


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