MultiLinks: Multiple Link Opener & Bookmarker

Multi Links is a multiple link opener & bookmarker add-on for Firefox which lets you select multiple links on any web page and bookmark them all at once. By default, selected links will also open in new tabs, but you can easily customize whether you want them to be opened in new tabs, bookmarked, or copied to the clipboard.

multilinks   MultiLinks: Multiple Link Opener & Bookmarker

The addon is really simple to use, simply hold the right click button and drag the cursor across the hyperlinks. the highlighted area will be in dotted green and hyperlinks will be boxed in red. The links will open in tabs or bookmarked upon the release of a right click button.

multilinks1   MultiLinks: Multiple Link Opener & Bookmarker

There are additional features like keyboard shortcuts and options to customize color scheme of the selection box and selected links.

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