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In one web browser, you cannot log into a website using two different accounts. For this you will need Multifox.

log in to any website

Mutlifox is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. This add-on lets you sign into a website using multiple accounts. You can shift from one account to the other without logging out.

Basically this add-on creates multiple browser profiles; each profile has a unique set of associated cookies; this is what makes the multiple logins possible. After installing the add-on, head on over to any site’s login page, right click on an empty space, and select “Open in a New Identity Profile” to open the page in a new tab.

This tab will operate separately, with a unique set of cookies and allow you to log in with a separate account. Each profile created by Multifox will be assigned a number that can be seen in the address bar.

log in to any site


For people who have multiple accounts on any website, this add-on efficiently solves the problem of constantly logging in and out of the same site.


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