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Not all dictionaries have the same meanings for words. Sometimes you will find that the same word has different definitions in different online resources. Here to help you get those different definitions conveniently is a tool called Multi Dictionary Lookup.

multi dictionary lookup

Multi Dictionary Lookup is a free to use browser add-on that is compatible with Mozilla Firefox. The add-on lets you quickly access the meaning of words on a webpage in different dictionaries. All you have to do is highlight a word on a webpage and then right-click on the highlighted word. Next select which dictionary you want to look for the word meaning in; supported dictionaries include Free Dictionary, Urban Dictionary, and Bee Dictionary.

After selecting a dictionary, the word’s meaning appears in a floating window, without taking you away from your page.


  • A user-friendly add-on.
  • Compatible with Firefox.
  • Lets you look up word meanings.
  • Supports 3 different online dictionaries.
  • Similar tools: DefinePlug and Advertt.

Check out Multi Dictionary Lookup @

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