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Muck Rack is a website that allows people to have a glimpse of the news in tomorrow’s paper.

track journalists

How does Muck Rack do this? It is run by some of the finest “media pundits” that observe some of the best journalists who work for major media companies (BBC, CNN, ABC News, etc.) and see what they are talking about, giving them the slightest hint as to what tomorrow’s paper will hold.

Just go to their main page, and you will see some of the “Hot News” being discussed now with Twitter posts from some of the finest journalists in the field being shown to you. If you wish, you can even change the “Publication” in order to view the news only for that publication.

Publications include many major media outlets such as Asssociated Press, BBC, Bloomberg, CBS News, Forbes, Fortune, Guardian, Huffington Post, New York Times, and many more.


  • Know what journalists are talking about on Twitter.
  • Follow some of your favorite journalists/publications.
  • An online-portal for trending news – up-to date every second.

Check out MuckRack @

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