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mSpot is a cloud-based service that lets you access your music files from anywhere. Just install the mSpot desktop client on the computer that you have your music on; after that you can access it on any computer using the easy-to-use web player and sync your files.

cloud based music storage

mSpot also lets you play music from any smart phone without the annoying network discrepancies. You can also upload playlists, ratings, album art and any other meta data to mSpot from iTunes and Windows Media Player. All the synchronization is automated so you don’t have to do anything.

mSpot currently works on Android phones but will soon support other smart phones too.

stream your music library

access your music from anywhere



  • Store and stream your music library from anywhere.
  • Listen to your music from any computer.
  • Web based music player that works with all major browsers.
  • Play music on your home PC using your Android phone.
  • Automatically syncs information with software like iTunes.
  • Access your music anywhere and anytime.
  • Similar tools: TubeMyStuff, AudioBox, Psonar, TunesBag, Soundcloud, and Sideload.

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