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Mr Uptime is an extension for your Firefox browser that comes in handy when you come across a website that’s experiencing down time. MrUptime allows you to quickly add such websites to the watchlist and will alert you as soon as the website is back online.

MrUptime - Track  website error / down pages

MrUptime Features

  • Monitor down/error pages by: server status code (i.e. when status changes from error to OK) or by keyword/s on the webpage (see demo below).
  • Watchlist Duration: Specify Set how long you want to keep checking a website. (24 hours, 120 hours, etc)
  • Alerts: Get notified when a website is working again.
  • MrUtime Toolbar: Only shown when an error page is encountered or when you choose to open it manually.

MrUptime Screencast

Go to MrUptime []

  1. John London
    February 12, 2008 at 3:32 am

    An excellent tool for it's purpose. Since we just set out to develop the largest website uptime monitoring network on the planet, (ie: ) I can appreciate the other side of the equation even more as a user. I too often encounter websites that appear dead, even big companies have this problem. So I will certainly give MrUptime a test drive.

    John London,
    Forums Manager

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