MPlayerX Is The Video Player You’ve Been Searching For [Mac]

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mplayerxfeat e1364958127436   MPlayerX Is The Video Player Youve Been Searching For [Mac]Are you sick and tired of the same old Mac video player? There are plenty of choices out there such as VLC, XBMC, and of course Apple’s own QuickTime media player. If you are done with using the same video players, and you are ready to make a big change, you should take a look at MPlayerX. It offers tons of useful features for watching your favorite videos. Of course, it’s free, so you can download it to your Mac and give it a shot.

Even if you are set in your ways with your current media player, you should give MPlayerX a chance, because you might just find that the features it brings to the table make it worth the switch. It plays every video format with all of the best codecs, so you can rest assured that any video sitting on your hard drive will be able to play with ease. It also comes with plenty of organizational tools for your media, so within just a few minutes, you will be ready to enjoy your videos in a beautiful way. No wonder, finds a place on our Best Mac Apps page!

Using the App

For playing videos, MPlayerX uses FFmpeg and MPlayer, so you can take confidence knowing that anything you can throw at it will be playable. This means that when you download MPlayerX, you will not have to worry about downloading any additional plug-ins to get everything up and running.

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MPlayerX1   MPlayerX Is The Video Player Youve Been Searching For [Mac]

Just like any Mac video player, you will need to choose a video to watch from your computer. You can also click “Open URL” from the File menu on the top of the screen to play videos directly from the Internet. Either way, once your videos are playing, you will notice the coolest thing about MPlayerX, and that is the fact that it plays everything, like VLC, but it looks clean and slick, like Apple’s QuickTime.

mplayerx2   MPlayerX Is The Video Player Youve Been Searching For [Mac]

Once a video is playing, you are given some really cool options for alteringing its look. If you go to “Window” on the top of the screen, you will see options for adjusting the color and sound in the video in a menu that looks similar to what you see for adjusting picture on a TV. This allows you to fix any issues with the picture that may be present in the particular file, which is definitely a nice touch.

MPlayerX is able to  detect and convert the encoding method of the subtitle file automatically. It has support for all Latin-based languages as well as Eastern Asian, Arabic, and Hebrew, so you will be able to enjoy your subtitles, no matter where in the world you live.

mplayerx3   MPlayerX Is The Video Player Youve Been Searching For [Mac]

Another fantastic feature is the ability to manually fix audio and video if they come out of sync. Sometimes video files get messed up, and your audio does not match up with the video. To fix this, you simply go to “AVS” on the top of the screen and click “Increase Audio Delay” or “Decrease Audio Delay.” You will have to mess with it manually, but it’s definitely worth the effort to avoid dealing with out of sync audio.

mplayerx4   MPlayerX Is The Video Player Youve Been Searching For [Mac]

The options available in the Preferences section of MPlayerX are plentiful. You can set up all kinds of playback options, including one of my personal favorites; the ability to have each video play in full screen right when it’s opened. You can adjust options for streaming, audio, subtitles, and the list goes on. Almost anything you could want to fine tune about MPlayerX is at your fingertips.

mplayerx5   MPlayerX Is The Video Player Youve Been Searching For [Mac]

One of the subtle features offered with MPlayerX is the way it handles resizing of the player window. Instead of clicking on the corner and dragging, you can simply pinch and pull to expand or shrink the player window. This allows you to make adjustments much more quickly without breaking your momentum. It also has plenty of support for other gestures such as a double tap for full screen, swiping up to raise volume and more. (The video below shows the gesture support in action.)


If you are looking for a Mac video player that can handle almost every format under the sun while maintaining a slick look that matches with the rest of your Mac’s style, look no further than MPlayerX. It’s a free media player that does it all. If you’ve been thinking about jumping ship from your current media player of choice, now might be the perfect time to take MPlayerX for a spin.

Have you tried MPlayerX? What do you think? Hit the comments section below and let us know!

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Didn’t know about it. Use it in Android where it works well. looking forward to use it on my Macs


Scott M

It has some nice features.I’ll give it a try on my laptop and see how it stacks up against VLC.



Unfortunately, it requires 64-bit and I only have 32 (I’m still on Snow Leopard, and don’t plan on upgrading anytime soon as Lion offers nothing I want or need. I’ll upgrade when forced to (read: they stop supporting Snow Leopard).

You got me so excited about MPlayerX, and now I’m so disappointed. Maybe you guys should just automatically mention the basic system requirements upfront. It’s not that hard.


Albert Llado

It’s been VLC for many years for me. It would have to be an impressive application with unseen features to make me change.

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