MP3cut Online Audio Cutter: Trim MP3 Audio Online To Convert To An iPhone Ringtone

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We all want our phone ringtones to be a tune that we like. This is usually one of our favorite songs. But an entire song cannot be set as your phone’s ringtone. Moreover, your songs are rarely in the format that is supported by your device for ringtones. Thus you need a user-friendly way to not only trim your favorite songs but also to convert them into a ringtone-compatible file format.

There are numerous desktop applications that are able to do this. But fortunately for iPhone owners, there is a web application that offers the same feature for the creation of iPhone ringtones. This web app is called MP3cut Online Audio Cutter.

trim mp3 audio online

MP3cut Online Audio Cutter is a free to use web application that will help you get a ringtone for your iOS device. The application’s forte is the ease with which it lets you trim audio files. You start by specifying an MP3 audio file that is stored on your computer. You can also specify a media file URL from YouTube or SoundCloud. In case you have specified a video, its audio is extracted and processed by MP3cut.

The waveform is displayed to you. You can set the beginning and ending markers and preview your selection. Options are available for you to enable fade in and fade out effects.


Finally you can select what the output is going to be. You can go for a regular iPhone ringtone or one of the other output formats available; these include MP3, AMR, WAV, and AAC audio file formats.

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The instructions are not very clear. sort this out.


Saikat Basu

Georgia, this is not a detailed how-to. Our directory pages list interesting websites and applications with brief descriptions.

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