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Do you hate websites that force you to login with Facebook Do You Hate Websites Which Force You To Use A Facebook Login? [MakeUseOf Poll] Do You Hate Websites Which Force You To Use A Facebook Login? [MakeUseOf Poll] When you encounter these websites which force you to use a Facebook login, what's your response? Do you boycott them? Do you suffer it and log in with Facebook? Do you think it's easier to... Read More or Twitter? Many sites resort to this option as the easiest way to integrate logins, despite that fact that most users don’t like it. Mozilla Persona can change this, and it’s now officially in public beta. Mozilla Persona, formerly known as BrowserID, is a centralized login option websites can implement that allows users to log in quickly, without compromising their Facebook or Twitter profiles.

Mozilla Persona should be much easier for developers to implement on their website than a customized login form, and make it easier for users to login quickly, without having to create a separate account. As a user, it takes several minutes to create a Persona account, which you can then theoretically use across the web to log in, if the website supports it. You can easily add several email addresses, but you have one password for all of them.

Another nice thing about Persona is that Mozilla is not likely to disappear any time soon. As everlasting as Facebook seems to us now, how long can a social network really last? When no one uses Facebook anymore, those logins will become obsolete, which can be quite annoying for website owners. If you want to implement Persona on your website, you can learn how to do so here. This is what it can look like, from OpenPhoto.

Mozilla Persona is now in public beta, so you can try it out by creating your own account. What do you think about Persona? Will you give it a try on your website?


Source: Mozilla Persona

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