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Are you looking for a way to share movies between your various Apple devices? Are you looking for a way to share them with friends connected to your Wi-Fi network? If so, you will want to take a look at a really awesome application called MovieShare. It allows you to share movies between any Apple device using only the power of Wi-Fi. This means you do not need to connect your devices to iTunes to copy movie files back and forth. You simply run the app, and it will do the rest.

Copying movies between devices is incredibly easy. You simply install the app on the devices you wish to copy to and from, and drag and drop the files you want to share. It does require Wi-Fi in order to share the files, but that makes it easier than connecting to iTunes to use file sharing. You can use the program to share files between your devices or a device that belongs to a friend that is on the same Wi-Fi network. This means you can be at a friend’s house and send them a video quickly.

The app will allow you to transfer any video file the receiving device can play. This means that if you are sending it to an iPhone, the limited formats it can play will still be the only ones that can be copied.


  • Share video files between different Apple devices.
  • Share with any iPad, iPhone or Mac on a Wi-Fi network.
  • InstaShare feature for quicker transfers.

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