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Thanks to the inclusion of a camera lens in modern smartphones, these handheld devices can now be used to shoot videos of anything you want. Whether your baby is taking its first steps or your son is graduating from college, the moment can be perfectly captured by shooting a video through your phone.

Not only are these phones able to play videos they record but you can encode computer videos to be smartphone-compatible so you can view them on your phone. In order to do these tasks, you must have a good way of copying videos between your computer and your smart device. If you are an Apple fan and own only Apple products, then you can use a tool called MovieShare.

copy videos mac iphone

MovieShare is a freeware application for Mac computers. This app is sized at nearly 14 MB and requires your computer to be running Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later, with a 64 bit processor. Using this application you are able to quickly view the iOS devices that are connected over the same local network as your Mac computer. You can then easily drag videos to and from these iOS devices.


The application has a few obvious restrictions for its usage – the video you transfer must be smaller than the available space on the phone; the video must be of a compatible format, and the video’s resolution must less than or equal to the maximum supported resolution of the destination device.



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