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No sign-up required, all you’ll need is a broadband connection and some hours to waste (office hours). Also seems like a good website to keep your grandpa occupied.

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…for archival footage in abundance. Lots of old, old stuff here that exists nowhere else online.

Paul Escobedo

Can you please tell me how I can get the movie leadbelley made in 1976?. The movie starred Rodger Mosley and I think it was a T.V movie.

Thank you,

Paul Escobedo

the man

by James Earl Jones


Does anyone know the name of this old movie?
The plot was basically these two guys are escaping from these other guys (mofia-like men) and decide to dress up as older women and join a traveling violin/music group. Later, at the resort they stay at to preform, one of the two guys starts to like this other girl and tries to get with her (so there are a lot of quick changing of outfits going on) while at the same time the other guy(while dressed as a girl) gets hit on by this older man.
It’s a comedy with some action and I’m 99% sure it was black and white. If it isn’t, then at least very little color cuz it WAS VERY OLD.
If anyone has ANY idea what this could be called, please email me at:

I really need the title of this or at least some clue to this.


Can someone help. I am searching for a movie I recall watching about 10 to 12 years ago. It is about a white man, who I believe to be a criminal who was given the option of becoming the government’s assassin or being executed (or going to prison for life) or something. He is taken to a house and told to kill the person. After entering, and having a congenial conversation with an asian man, he is invited by the asian man to shoot him, to which he tries at point black and misses. It is comedy action with a sliver of a serious note of revenge, I believe.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



The movie could be … Gentlemen prefer blondes


whats the movie wher an old blonde lady a child hood star is crazy and taking care of her sick sister but tries to kill her its an old movie


My wife is looking for a movie with no info. It is an older movie about a woman that puts on this dress and goes back in time. I think its a love story. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me.


could the movie you’re looking for be called dead again? long shot but it rings a bell…


Am in desparate need need of a copy of 1946’s Tars and Spars. Any help? THANK YOU!


I need to know the name of an older movie starring Paul Newmen and his, to this day, wife. She plays a tom boyish fashion designer and him I believe a sports announcer playboy. Well after he offends her on a plane into Paris, once is Paris she decides to get a makeover and give him a run for his money. Of course he has no idea it’s the same woman from the plane.


I am looking for the name of a movie. Pretty sure its a love story. The star I think was in an accident, where his face got caught in a record ( vinyl ) maker. He falls in love with this girl and the scene I remember, he is watching her and sees her with another man. He is watching her though a window, I don’t remember if it a skylight window or regular one. There is also a popular song that plays in that movie. Pretty sure its from the 1970’s.

john truman

Does anyone know where there is a movie ( VHS or DVD ) ” Violent Road ” starring Brian Keith available?


I’m looking for a sfi fi movie,in black and white,it was about a UFO hidden beneath a beach and people were swalled by the sand into the ufo.
I was really young when I saw it ,thought is was facinating, lol.


Im looking for a movie called Operation Day Break ,


Im looking for a site to watch the movie Krull online, if there are any. Any help would be appretiated.


I have looking for this movie for years, no one knows anything about it. It starts out with friends blocking off the roads so the guy on the motorcycle doesn’t have to worry about traffic. He is practicing to become a moto racer. The story contiues on and he is race motorcycles on the sprint level for the champion ship. thanx if you can help.


do anyof you guys know how to watch the movie “the mens club” online cause i cant seem to find it anywere.


I need to know the name of this movie it’s pretty old and it is about a girl and boy and they go in to the ocean and the boy dies and then the funral happens and i think it goes something like that is something like moonlight or something. can you get bck to me asap because i need to knwo it thanks x




I am looking for a movie that was made in the 60’s. It is along the lines of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, may even have the same name; but filmed in the 60’s era, you know poodle skirts & pedal pushers. Any info would be appreciated. Been looking for it for a long time.


I recently asked my husband about his favorite movie and he surprised me with an answer that I have never heard of or saw. He said the name of the movie is Doogies Bump (not sure of the spelling). He went on to say the movie was about a boy that got a bump on his arm and he became a great pitcher. Does anyone know what he is talking about?

I would love to surprise him!



The site is currently down..:(


looking for this old movie i thought spencer tracey was in it this how it end his daughters wedding day she looked at best freinds neckless said your the one that made my fathers last years worth living they both started to cry


Looking for name of movie where the guy is in a car wreck in the beginning and dies and he comes back as a love interest for a girl. He builds sand castles or sand sculptures of her face.


I am looking for a movie called Flight Of The Doves staring Ron Moody, Jack Wild, Dorthey Mcguire, and Helen Raye. It is about a sister(Helen Raye) and a brother (Jack Wild) and their names are Finn Dove (Jack Wild) and Derval Dove (Helen Raye) who are very poor and their mother has to marry a rich man who abuses them, I believe their mother dies or somthing and Hawk Dove (Ron Moody) gets full custidy of them. Finn Dove decides he and his sister have to run away from their new home in England and go to Ireland with their kind Granny O’Farley (Dorthey Mcguire) but I don’t know what happens next and I think it is a musical. I have looked everywhere I can think of online, and offline, but i can’t find it. Does anyone know of a place that I might be able to watch it? If so can you tell me?



Hello, I just need the movie Eye of The Needle (1981) starring Donald Sutherland. Can you please hurry with it becase i have a project on this movie and it is due in a week.

Thanks alot,


Hello, has anyone seen The Pied Piper (1972)? Before I buy it I wanted to know how good it is. I heard that Donavon, a pop singer from the 70’s and Jack Wild, famouse for the artful dodger and Jimmy on H.R Pufnstuf are in it. The pied piper (Donavon) travles with a lot of gyspies and go to Hamilon. The ruler’s 11 year old daughter is getting married to an evil man named Franz. Gavin (Jack Wild) is a handycapped boy, who is a very good artist, who also is in love with Lisa. He paints her a potrait of her and she admires it. Gavin is a few years older then Lisa, but still loves her very much. Lisa is discovered to have the Black Death, but the Piper plays a tune and gets rid of the black death. I hardley know more, but if you know anywhere I can see it online, please tell me.


has anyone ever seen this b movie?set in the 60s about some people being chased by a tree monster named the ” THE BUNGA” who was a man buried in a tree coffin

Cee Love

Can someone help me. The movie is about older rich man who marries a woman who lives in a castle who has a lot of young lovers. Her husband has camera’s in the bedroom. She finds out that there are camera’s in the bedroom and performs for him and as he whatches, he cries at the end, sitting in his car.


where can i watch “all over me”…with leisha hailey?


I am looking for the old movie “The three kings” It came out in 1987
with Jack Warden, StanShaw and Lou D Philps
can anyone tell me where i can get a copy


I saw a film when I was very young…..about 14 years ago. I saw it twice when i was skipping school and it was on around midday on a terestrial channel (not that that helps!) and fell in love with it and I have searched and searched for it on the innternet with no luck. The problem is I cant remember what its called or much else about it……
I think its black and white or very early colour, it was in english definately!! It was set in a fishing village maybe in italy or france. It was about a a young guy early 20’s maybe younger who was a waiter in a pub who was in love with a young girl who worked on her mothers stall by the quay. They fell in love but he had the ‘calling’ to go to sea. They kissed a few times and then he left, only to come back years later to find out she had married some rich old man and was bringing up the other guys kid as there own and they had a big house.. She was miserable and was still in love with the other guy but was doing the right thing and stayed with her husband.i dont think they got back together again. Anyway, when I looked I found a film that was so similar but i am 100% sure it isnt a film called Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (umbrellas of Cherbourg) as the girl had dark hair, the guy does look similar though but its definately not it as it seems to be an earlier film that I am looking for. SO PLEASE help I have been looking for years and years and for some reason I need to watch it again!
I have tried the normal websites like Imdb and other film sites but any help would be appreiated!


Happy New Year!
I’m searching for a movie I saw about 30 years ago. It was in early color about a french mother teaching her daughter how to train her new husband using a dog training book. It’s a great movie! A lot of laughs! I don’t know any of the actors or the name of the movie.
Thanks for your help in advance!


hey.. does this sound familiar to anyone?? .. old female movistar.. can’t get used to the idea that she’s not beautifull anymore.. force her daughter to pretend to be her in public.. i don’t remember the whole story ..at the end the daughter can’t take it anymore and throws her self under the train…

ok.. happy new year to all.. bbye


please can any1 tell me how can i see the movie night of the blood monster,


Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Beginning of movie a young man and girl are getting married. After they drive off in their car they are followed by an old woman (sons mother, I think) who somehow stops them and takes the girl out with an Uzi (machine gun type). This had to be in the 1970’s. My grandfather owned a theater when I was young and this is the only part I remember when I sneaked in the theater to watch it.

Hope someone can recall this film! – Devin


Does anyone know where I can watch “The BIg Valley” online?I have looked everywhere! Thanks for an help.


So..I am not sure if anyone out there knows the name of this movie because I can only think of bits and pieces of it!

I know there are two young girls in the movies..I think they are sisters but could be friends. In the beginning of the movie one of the girls is obsessed with an older man who lives in a beach house. I believe she ends up stealing his watch? Near the end of the movie the girl tries to kill her friend(or sister) with a gun..the girl she tries to kill jumps in the ocean and starts swimming. I saw this movie like 15 years ago and cannot find it anywhere!!


I think I’m looking for the same film as Heather. It really freaked me out when I was younger and I just wanted to know the name for it. It’s bugging me. I’m sure the character was called Candy. Please help!


I am looking for a 80’s movie I think. Its about teens. One dies in a car race and he comes back as a car like an angel or something and races the bad kids that killed him. Please help me


Hi im looking for a name of this movie i saw a few years ago. Its about and old divorced guy that lives alone and meets this young needy hippie girl and they end up having a relationship. I know in the movie they find an injured dog and his ex wife was a bitch to him. And im pretty sure the movie was named after the girls name in the movie. I want to say this movie was made in the 70’s or late 60’s? PLEASEEE help lol
Thank you




I am looking for the movie called “my life” made in 1993 with Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman. I can`t find it…If anyone has this movie or knows how i could find it pls help.Thanks!

Tommy Sims

Anybody remember a movie about a little boy who played yes sir that’s my baby on a harmonica while his pet catapiller danced in a match box until turned into a butterfly?


Might be” some like it hot.” Jack lemon Tony curtis and Marilyn Monro


Im looking for a black and white movie. I watched it in the late 70’s. It is about a car that would drive through peoples homes and on side walks to kill them. I remember watching it as a child and it gave me night mares. and I know it isn’t the movie Christian.


Well it seems there are more questions than answers. Wish I could help but I don’t have answers for anybody. Hopefully, someone can help me find the name of a movie though. I think it’s an 80’s but it takes place in the sixties or fifties. In the begining two guys are playing chicken in hot rods right before they hit a cliff. Main character gets his jacket stuck and dies. Then he is sent back to earth to help his son from doing the same I think. Later on his ex finally sees him one night while opening up his Zippo. Any help please?


a tree came to life and ate people. black and white. i believe the natives called the tree “bunga”. anyone?


looking for a movie dont really no the name but i think its manikins its about when the chain comes out of the manikin neck it comes alive


The movie im looking for i think it was about sisters who really believed in like fate and the stars and i think there names were of names of godesses and in one part of the movie one of the sisters went to a dinner party and was made fun of because how she acted. it wasn’t in black and white but color and i remember a a huge background garden they that’s all i remember


Hello. I am trying to think of a movie title from a while back. The movie dealt with overpopulation. To try to solve the problem, people would run over old people with their cars. Does anyone know this one?


Where can I watch “The Mind’s Treasure Chest?” It was from the 1990’s or 1989.


i saw a movie as a kid where the “bunga” or this tree comes to life and eats people. black and white.



looking for a movie, girl was blonde beautiful lived in estate with her grandmother, maybe for the summer?????grandmother is a big named older star… the granddaughter usually has dark hair. the circus comes to town and the granddaughter as this hot and heavy affair with one of the carnies. does anyone remember the name of this movie. something with paradise in it maybe??????? help


Looking For Movie… A man (possibly Dick Van Dyke) is left in the desert to die, it seems by a conniving wife but maybe not. He manages to survive. I know he sees a scorpion. Probably made-for-TV. In the end he finds a road and is picked up. As he nears town he gets out of the car so he can walk into town under his own power. The man has classic tattered “lost in desert” clothes.


Looking For Movie… Color, probably 70s made-for-TV. Might star Brian Keith. A scientist works in a lab by the sea on a rocky cliff by a town. Only scene I remember is man driving car at night and a monster jumps on hood, breaking glass and reaching into car. Sea monster maybe? Scared the poo outa me when I was little.


Looking for old movie that was only on VHS back in 80’s. School girl falls in love with boy who has been in trouble with law, he’s in boys home I think. Teachers and Parents don’t approve and try to stop them falling in love. The girl likes photography and takes a picture of herself floating in a stream for school. I think that is how they first meet. Remember something about jumping off a cliff at the end of the movie.


Does anyone know where i can buy the 1980 movie “Touched by Love” with Diane Lane? Can’t find it anywhere.


Hey Everybody!!!

I have a question about a movie. I didn’t get to see very much of it but what I did see was this: well first off it was Zelda Rubinstein that plays a palm reader or a witch or something well the scene took place in an attic and she was at the end of the scene looking down on a girl in the yard now she was wear some head dress and different looking clothing like a palm reader and she also was looking down the front window from the attic. Now I know its not much to work with but anyone who can help I would forever be indebted to you lol thanks so much for your help guys take care!!

Ray J.


I am looking for a movie I seen when I was a kid. I think it might have been a Hichcock short film. It was about a lady in a apartment who was being chased around by a boy doll. She walks in to find the doll on the toilet at first with its pants down, laughs and puts it somewhere. Then she finally figures out something is wrong and it begins to chase her. One scene was when she peeks under the door to see the doll peaking back; it eventual kills her.


I seem to think this was a TWILIGHT ZONE program on TV (or part of a TWILIGHT ZONE series that showed at a theater. Not positive, but I think I recall seeing this very same video many years ago. I also think it was black and white…


I am looking for an old English-type movie about a wife who goes on holiday with her girlfriend to Greece and leaves her husband at home in England. He pays little attention to her until she is gone. He eventually goes to Greece to get her back. Any ideas?


what is the michael jackson movie called? i can’t remeber


I am looking for a movie I saw as a young man in the late 50s or early 60s.
It had to do with a couple going to this hotel and they ended up in a room (room #11) with a box on a table with a scull in it. For some reason it was something special. There was no room #13 in the hotel. The Man was very interested in the scull and pulled it out. It had a piece of paper in the bottom of the scull that had a weird language. The man read it out loud and there was a scream in the room next door. He ran out and pounded on the door to see if he could help. As he stepped back he discovered that it was room 13.

Please email me if you know the name of the movie also it was in black and white… macenuface@gmail.com

Thank you


I’m looking for this classic movie about a man being kept in a freezer for 50 or more years. When he finally got out, he stole some other people’s clothes to wear, and tried to make a phone call by dialing and verbally saying the number “3-4-2″. Maybe’s because back then, phone numbers only had three digits instead of seven. When, he was released from the freezer, he looked still as young as fifty years ago. However, at the end of the movie, he finally turned old. Does anyone have any idea what is that movie called?


I’m looking for a classic movie with a scene of young man driving an old man through a desert on a dirt road. Suddenly, the driver parked the car, and they both got off. I forgot why was the old man not able to follow the young man when he was running back to his car. BTW, the young man was going to leave the old man in the desert. I remember the quote from the old man, “You cannot leave me here! You cannot leave me here!” Then the young man just hopped into his car and drove away. What is the name of the movie?


Hi, I think the movie you are after is called Forever Young with Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis. He is frozen as an army experiement and is only supposed to be frozen for a short time. He only agrees to do so as he believes his girlfriend has died. 2 kids find the container and open. He is naked that is why he steals clothes.


Hi, I am trying to remember the title of a movie i saw many years ago, probably 60’s or 70’s. It is about people on holiday and is very funny. The only part I can remember in it though, is of this pair that are walking in the dark looking for a place to pitch their tent. Finally they come across a wonderful patch of lush grass that feels just right in the dark, but when they wake in the morning, they have pitched their tent on a roundabout. Does anyone know the title of such a movie and/or who may have starred in it?


Hello, I’m new here. I was hoping someone could tell me the name of an old movie I’ve been looking for years for, please. I saw it in 1967 when I was about 13 & have wanted to see it again ever since but never have run across it. Beginning when I was young, I bet I’ve seen about every old movie there ever was.

This one started out with two children laying on the ground looking at clouds. She was the child of the rich estate & he was the son of hired help.

It was forbidden love till the end.

He ended up in jail at the end an old man and she died but came to him in his dream when she passed. She gave him a ring that was really there when he woke. He died then, too, & they ended up together in heaven & happy.

I’d be so happy to find the name. I surf all the channels all the time reading the paragraphs of what each movie is about hoping to find it, to no avail.


Ols movie watcher

I am trying to find the name of an old movie I used to watch when I was a a little boy in the 60’s. I remember a man and boy clinging to a floating object in the middle of the ocean. It is night time and after a long while the man says he can’t stay awake and tells the boy to slap his face. The boy doesn’t want to but does it. The man (dad) says harder harder and boy (son?) is crying as he slaps his dad. In the end the sea currents take them close to the shore and the wave wash them in. They crawl maybe 2 feet up onto the sand and collaspe, credits roll. It was in b&w with bad sound anyone know this flim?


I am looking for an old western of a town with a general store owner that ordered a bride from China, I think, and the show went on well until all the Chinese and maybe Indians were made to leave town. Although the store owner wasn’t chinese, he left town with his wife. Any one out there have any idea what movie this is, could have watched it in the 70’s or 80’s but the movie could have been from an earlier time.


I am also looking for an older movie about this pilot was coming in for a landing and his wife was waiting for him at the landing site, when he crashed and died. Men brought her the message Jack and Jill and she explained they had an argument before he went up in the plane, and the way they ended their arguments was with nursery rhymes. Any ideas?


Looking for a very old movie about a man who falls in love with one sister (brunette), goes to New Zealand (I think) and writes to the father to send her as his bride. The father mistakenly sends the wrong sister (redhead), and he is not happy to see her. The other sister ends up a nun, and the wrong sister eventually becomes very happy married to him and vice versa.


I’m looking for the name of a very old movie about a husband and wife that had a very large garden. They would lure people to their house and capture them. They would then bury them alive up to their necks. The couple would feed them to fatten them up so they could eat them. It was a great old horror film but I can’t remember the name.


Does anyone know where to watch “The Biggest Fan” movies please!


Im looking to WATCH the movie Phantom of the paradise. I dont have a credit card so I cant go to pay sites. Can anyone plz recomend a website for me?



I am trying to find the name of an old western. All I remember about is the characters were trying to find hidden money or gold in desert like mountains, The sun or moon light coming through a hole in a rock formation of the mountain pointed out where it was buried. Does anyone remember this flic, I saw it about 30 to 35 years ago…thanks for any help you can give


English/French? Movie I think…Henpecked by wife and mother in law husband/farmer who after wife and MIL get killed in a car crash goes on strike and just quits lets all the animals go from his barn and lives in bed..has a trained dog who goes to town to the grocers with a basket and a note..the town fathers decide its a bad influence on everyone else in town as they all decide to slack off saying so and so doesnt work…the kids in town decide not to go to school…town fathers decide he needs to get married again. I would have seen this in the mid to late 70’s on TV..If I remember right wife and MIL were in a post war Jaguar sports car. Details are fuzzy I was working nights and yes I did inhale. I seen it on the late late show in the usa…Thank you any ideas????


To Anna

I think the movie you are speaking of is MacKenna’s Gold with Gregory Peck.
Great movie.


I’m looking for a movie about a girl finding a painting and going back in time…?
I’m looking for a movie about a girl finding a painting and going back in time…?
I can’t remember much about it sadly, but I have always remembered it and can’t seem to find it anywhere…
Its about a girl who finds a painting of someones who resembles herself, somehow she goes back in time and meets a man who she falls in love with, then realises he painted the painting and that it was of her all along. Then she has to decide wether to stay in the past or go to the future.

There is a part where the guy she is in love with drowns and she gives him CPR and two people ask her how she did it and of course CPR wasn’t invented back then so everyone gets suspicious of her

possibly could have time travelled through a mirror I think, but not 100% sure

If anyone could help me out I will be eternally greatful!

Its not Kate & Leopold, somewhere in time, the two worlds of jennie logan or mirror mirror

I’m pretty sure its in colour and possibly made in the 90s or late 80s, may have been a made for tv movie

I’ve been searching for it for ages! PLEASE HELP!


Awesome… thanks for sharing.


The plot sounds like the Marilyn Monroe movie “Some like it Hot”. This was a really funny movie, that if you haven’t seen you should.


Sorry, doesn’t ring a bell.


Do you know who stared in it


The name of this movie is “Some Like it Hot” starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. It was a fantastic movie!


some like it hot maralyn monroe tony curtiss and jack lemon


This was a marilyn Manroe Jack Lemon film.So Like It Hot ?

MK Bowen

“Some Like It Hot” with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis
Great Movie


sounds like Remo Williams with Fred Ward and the Asian man is Joel Grey


whatever happened to baby jane




OK finally got some more info from the wife. The movie has a woman that moves into this house and finds an old wedding dress in the attic on a Manaquin. When she puts it on she is transported back in time where this man mistakes her for his wife “Pamala she thinks.

She thanks it is something like the secret life of Julia or something.

barb helfrich

If am also looking for the name of this movie.


Texasgun, could it be movie from late 80,s early 90’s with
Jane Seymore and Christopher Reeves? He stays at an old grand
hotel and see,s Jane’s portrait in a room of memorabilia from hotel-becomes obcessed with her, he puts himself in a mental state at will to go back and see her, he comes to each time
with a period suit,late 1800s or early 1900s with coins from
that time period in suit. Sorry cant remember name of movie, might be just “Back In Time”


The name of the movie is, Phantom of the Paradise, & is an obvious remake/spoof of a very similar title.


I know


This is the same movie I am looking for , but I thought it was called “Jennifer”

barb helfrich

the name of the movie is…the two worlds of “jennie logan” staring lyndsay wagnor the former bionic woman. As soon as I figured out who the lady was I did a search on her name for her movies…easy one…

barb helfrich

two worlds of jennie logan

Gary Giardina


The picture you describe sounds like the original version of “Invaders from Mars,”dating from about 1953-54. It absolutely terrified me as a small boy, and remains one of the most thrilling sci-fi pictures I’ve ever seen.


That movie is the wraith i think


That’s it thanks.


I got it. “The Heavenly Kid” was the name of it! Thank.


The movie is “some like it hot”


I’m pretty sure the movie you are referring to is called BREEZY and stars William Holden and Kay Lenz is the delightful hippie girl. It was made in l973, I think, and it was pretty good. Hope this helps…


I’m pretty sure the movie you are referring to is called “BREEZY” with William Holden and Kay Lenz. It was made in l973. I remember it also and thought it was a good film.


You can get this film on VHS for pennies on Amazon or Half.com, a division of ebay.


You can get this film (My Life with Nicole Kidman and Michael Keaton)on VHS for pennies on Amazon or Half.com, a division of ebay. Don’t think it was released on DVD but you could try to find it if you don’t want VHS.


Hi Cass:
Could it possibly be the Stephen King novel/film called “Christine” and stars Keith Gordon. It’s available on Amazon and Half.com for a dollar or two on VHS. I believe it is in color – so possibly it isn’t the same movie you are looking for. Couldn’t find another one for you
Judi M.


I’m pretty sure the film you are referring to is Stephen King’s CHRISTINE and stars Keith Gordon Scary movie… It is in color, so perhaps you are thinking of a similar film.


Sounds like The Car. The car is black and is possesed by an unknown force. Not black and white though. Stars James Brolin.


Sam, This is defently closer than Christina. This movie is older and black and white. The Car is probably a 50’s model. The town is more of a small down town area. ( like a main street ) But it does drive into peoples houses. I don’t know if this is a remake or not. Maybe it was made in the 50-60’s Thanks Cass


You can find “Celebrity” on Half.com or Amazon. (VHS)


To natasha:

The movie is “FEDORA” 1978 from Billy Wilder.


Sounds like Death Race 2000 with Stallone and David Carradine


I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of Two Moon Junction.


Sounds like the last part of a made-for-tv movie called Trilogy of Terror. 3 short stories all starring Karen Black. The lady buys a doll with a spear. She accidentally removes the chain and the doll chases her around her highrise apartment with a little spear cutting her legs and arms. Has a twist ending. Available on DVD.


http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091053/ 1986 Fire With Fire

Craig Sheffer … Joe Fisk

Virginia Madsen … Lisa Taylor

Great movie, First movie I seen Virginia Madsen in. I have never found it on VHS. I watched it on TV.


Fire with Fire (1986)
Craig Sheffer … Joe Fisk
Virginia Madsen … Lisa Taylor


Belinda the movie you are looking for is
Fire with Fire (1986)
Craig Sheffer … Joe Fisk
Virginia Madsen … Lisa Taylor


Thank you so much that is the one.


Yes, you can get “Touched by Love” on VHS on Amazon or Half.com, for a fairly high price. I don’t believe it was ever released on DVD. Hope this helps.


I’m pretty sure the movie you are thinking of is “Shirley Valentine” with Tom Conti. Delightful movie. You can buy it from a private seller on Amazon for low price. Enjoy!


clarissa, The title is “What Ever Happend To Baby Jane. Bette Davis played Baby Jane-an aged child star, and Joan Crawford is her sister, also older but an invalid in wheel chair, dependant on Baby Jane to care for her. As Baby Jane regresses back to her chidhood Joan’s fate is in her hands. Made in 1960’s i think, stil a good suspense movie.


Robni, the movie you are thinking of with Jane Seymore and Christopher Reeve is called “Somewhere in Time” and it was a beautiful movie with gorgeous music. A favorite film… Available everywhere.


I think it was “Moonwalker” made in approx. 1988.


The movie is called Fanny with Leslie Caron, Horst Buchholz, Maurice CHevalier. I have seen it when I was younger and loved it. Didn’t know the name eihter, but remembered the actors name since Horst is German, I am from Germany. It is a beautiful movie.


I believe it’s called, If a Man Answers. 1962 featuring Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin


OOMG.. thank you thank yoooou !!! i just saw that right now.. just almost one year later .. i can’t believe it.. i knew it was something on F.. :)) thx again.. take care.. bbye *


Cgazza99. Easy! Go to Amazon, private sellers, and you can purchase this movie, Phontom fot the Paradise with Paul Williams on DVD or VHS for under $5.00!!! Perhaps you can pay thru PayPal or “contact the seller” and work something out to send payment. Most sellers are very helpful. Good luck!


Do you mean “Green Dolphin Street”?