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If you are an ultimate movie addict and would like to know the dead body count of your favourite movies, you might want to check MoviebodyCounts. This community-based site tallies the actual, visible, on-screen kills/deaths/bodies in various action, sci-fi, and war films.

body count in movies

The movies are arranged alphabetically so you can easily check on any movie. When you click on a movie, you’ll find the total number of bodies killed, character kills, and even the breakdown of the kills in every scene. Clicking on the Actors tab on the left sidebar will direct you to the list of actors and see how many bodies were killed in their movies. You can also check the directors and the body count in each movie they made.

There is a special guideline for tallying the body count, so be sure to check on the guidelines. This is to make the users understand how Movie Body Counts is doing their count to make it more reliable. Users are also free to submit a movie and the total body count of that particular movie under review.

body count in movies

It might be a little spoiler since you no longer have to see the movie to know which scene there will be killings but still, Movie Body Counts brings the spoilage to a whole new level.



  • No registration or sign-up required.
  • Very specific.
  • View top charts based on body count.
  • Forum area to discuss movies and debate body counts.
  • Similar Tools: Movie Stills Collection, MoMuPl, and Filmaps.

Check out MovieBodyCounts @

  1. Mark O'Neill
    August 9, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    It always kills me that there are people out there who have the time to do stuff like this!

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