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imdb-logoDeciding what to watch with online help is already a hot ticket item, and so the latest update to IMDB’s mobile app addresses that with two welcome changes. Most importantly, you can now purchase movie tickets right from the app on your smartphone. This is a very convenient feature as it would allow you to make plans for a show outing even if you are on the go and not in front of a computer. Booking movie tickets via the app is a U.S. only feature for the moment.

You can access the booking feature from the “Showtimes & Tickets” section on listings for movies currently in theatres. By default, the app will sense your location and point you to the nearest cinema hall that’s showing the movie. You can tweak the location of course if you want to get the ticket from somewhere else.


If the previous feature gives rise to complaints from non-US users, then the ability to create Watchlists of your favorite movies on IMDb’s mobile app should pacify them a little. Personal Watchlists are an oft-requested feature and the app gives you the flexibility to filter and sort the movies and TV shows on your Watchlist. For instance, you can sort IMDb rating, release date, genre, certificate rating etc.

This is good news for users obsessed with organization, or even those of us generally obsessed with movies. When you have over 2 million movie and TV show titles on the encyclopedic reference site, then there’s a lot to choose from. IMDb has some of the most comprehensive movie charts and picking what to watch should be easier now with the update.

The IMDb app for Android and iOS was sleek to begin with. The latest two additions make the user experience only better. Do you use the IMDb app?



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