Movie Monkey: Organize Movie Files On Your Desktop

If you download movies every day, you will quickly find yourself stuck with so many unorganized files with no way of knowing which is which. While media centers like Boxxee do a good job of organizing movies, sometimes you just need a tool that is lightweight and gets the job done, such as Movie Monkey. This tool automagically checks for information online for the movie files in your hard drive.

1011   Movie Monkey: Organize Movie Files On Your Desktop

Once you have Movie Monkey installed, all you need to do is import your movie files into the program, where the tool organizes them by genre. You can now click on each entry to read more about the movie. In addition it sorts movies into watched and not watched lists, so that you can quickly pull up movies that have been sitting in your hard drive waiting to be watched. Finally, you can use the movie information to search for titles in your hard drive.

Movie Monkey is a cool movie sorter for those who cannot be bothered to download a media center. The program is currently in free beta – just type “makeuseof” in the invite code to download the app.


  • Currently in free beta.
  • Easily organize your movie files.
  • Click on each movie for more information.
  • Sort watched and not watched list.
  • Search movie titles.
  • Similar Tools: Veedemus, Coollector, and Moovida.

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