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If you are looking for an iMovie equivalent in Google’s Play Store then you should check out MovieAid. This app allows you to perform core editing tasks to create home videos with features like stitching clips, and adding images, title text, transitions, and background audio to your video project.

create movies android

Once you import video clips to MovieAid from your camera roll, you can start arranging the clips and add in your project timeline. From there you can insert transition and captions. You can also record your voice using the phone’s microphone, import audio clips or MP3 files to complete the video.

MovieAid also includes a splicing tool to keep videos tightly edited, which is also handy since the free version limits you to only 60-second projects. It offers a wide range of video formats from standard VGA to HD.

movie aid

If you are familiar with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, you will find that most of the things you can do in these apps is also possible with MovieAid. This makes it an awesome free app for your Android device.



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