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In this world where people working are tied to a desk, we need a companion to remind us if we are getting enough exercise during the day. Moves is a pedometer for your iPhone that tells you how much you have moved and monitor it for you daily.

pedometer with map

Once the app is running in the background and the GPS is turned on, just keep your iOS device in your pocket to get your app to monitor your movements. It monitors the steps that you walk or the miles that you run, and can even tell you where you have gone with its built-in geo tracking.

All this information collected by Moves goes into your storyline, an easy-glance stream that lets you see your most favorite paths, steps walked and more.

As a daily device, Moves can change your daily routine just by knowing if you have exercised enough or not. It also knows whether you used a bicycle, a car, or public transport. Notification will let you know your progress, allowing you to track your life quickly.



Since you need GPS for the app to work, it runs in the background and will take up some of your battery. But the makers of the app made it sure that you can still get a whole day’s worth of charge even when you have this app open all the time. As they say, your mileage may vary.


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