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multi monitor mouseI’ve been working with a dual monitor setup for a bit now and I am loving it!  In past articles I have been sharing some of what I have learned so far.  I wrote about 6 ways to use multiple monitors to make you more productive 6 Ways to Set Up Dual Monitors to Be More Productive 6 Ways to Set Up Dual Monitors to Be More Productive Read More .  Since then I have found several more ways (maybe a future article?).  I have also written about several programs that help manage multiple monitors 3 Useful Programs That Help Manage Multiple Monitors 3 Useful Programs That Help Manage Multiple Monitors Read More . As I find more free alternatives I’ll probably share them.

In this article I would like to share a small, free piece of software that helps get your mouse quickly from one monitor to another.  It’s called “Multi Monitor Mouse” and the name describes it well.  Let’s go a bit more into it.

You can download and install Multi Monitor Mouse easily. Once you have downloaded and installed it, you are free to open the program and set it up the way you would like.  There are two basic methods which you can control the mouse toggling with, either via your keyboard or via your mouse.  Either option will move your mouse from one monitor to the other.  Personally, I find the mouse controls VERY annoying but the keyboard shortcut is VERY helpful.

multi monitor mouse

There are several options as to where the mouse will appear on the other monitor when you toggle.  I prefer the “Frame Relative” option which will make the pointer appear in a similar spot where it was on the original monitor.  You can choose to have it appear in the center of the monitor.  The third option is to have it appear in the middle when you toggle BUT it will return to the original spot when you toggle back to the original monitor.

multi monitor mouse


Toggling with the keyboard is very easy.  Just hold the ALT key and hit the “`” key.  I had fun demonstrating this so I took a picture with my camera phone to share with you all.

When I first found this program, I was questioning the point to it.  Normally all you have to do is move your mouse over (or up as is my case) to have it appear in the second monitor.  After using it for a while I quickly caught on to how it saves time.  With the larger screen real-estate afforded by more than one monitor, it does take more time to drag that thing all over the universe.  Now I can search for photos, or grab a screenshot, and open the containing folder, open the image editing program of choice (mine being Fireworks) in my second monitor, and just hit my key-combo to pop my mouse up there.

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I would suggest trying it out, messing around with it for a while, have some fun with it and I think you’ll see the benefits.

How about you? Do you prefer another program to help move your mouse faster?  Do you prefer the mouse shortcuts in Multi Monitor Mouse rather than the keyboard shortcuts?

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