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androidnumbersLet’s face it, Windows Mobile is losing control of the mobile market. More and more people find themselves with an Android or iPhone.

Most problematic in this big telephone switch, is having to move contacts from Windows Mobile to Android. Calendars expire and pictures can be copied, but contacts often hide away in a very phone-specific corner.

Using your SIM card to transfer contacts is one option but with large address books and SIM-locked phones, it’s just not possible. Below, we’ll show you a ridiculously simple and OS-independent method to move contacts from Windows Mobile to Android.

What You’ll Need

  • Your old Windows Mobile phone
  • A web browser
  • A Gmail address

Ironically, the Gmail address might be most tricky for some people. If you haven’t got one already (shame on you), create one now, and set it up in your phone. It’s as easy as adding your credentials in the Android options.

Step One – Exporting Contacts with TBexport Contacts

What we want to do first is export our contacts to a format that’s easy to work with — CSV. Most other sites will tell you to sync with Outlook to do this but let’s be honest, not everyone uses the application.


Instead, we’re going to use TBexport Contacts, short for ThunderBird Export Contacts. This nifty Pocket PC application will allow us to export all contacts (phone numbers and email addresses) with a tick of the stylus.

Download the software archive, and drag its contents to an easy-to-reach location on your Windows Mobile device.

move contacts from Windows Mobile to Android

Use the file explorer on your Windows Mobile phone to browse to the TBExport file, and open it. Next, specify a location to export your contacts and hit the Export button.

move contacts from Windows Mobile to Android

You’ve now got your contacts exported somewhere on your phone. Either copy it to your computer or leave your phone plugged in, but don’t forget the location — you’re going to need it in the second step.

Step Two – Importing Contacts to Gmail

Open the Gmail account linked to your phone. Head to the Contacts tab, and select Import module in the top-right corner. Browse to the CSV file you’ve exported in the first step, and press Import. You’ll be shown an overview of all the imported contacts.

move contacts from Windows Mobile to Android

And that’s all you need to do. Find a wireless hub to connect your cellphone to the internet, or use your mobile carrier. Your Android will automatically syncronize its address book with that in your Gmail account. Twiddle with your thumbs for a while, and your old mobile contacts will magically start to appear.


While you’re still in Gmail, it’ll definitely prove worthy to check for duplicate contacts. This feature is also located in the Contacts tab. Gmail will search your contact list for duplicates, also giving you the option to merge several email addresses, phone numbers and even profile URLs under one name. You might still have some cleaning up to do, but this will take care of the biggest mess.

Are you aware of another better way to move contacts to your Android – perhaps eliminating the need for a Gmail address? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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