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Movable Ink is a one of a kind web service which offer businesses an innovative way to promote their products and services through emails in such a way that it displays real time content. Every time a user opens the email, it will display the current deals and content in the email even if it’s old. The service can be really useful for marketers and publishers who offer daily deals and offers.


To use the service, the company must sign up for a Movable Ink account. Once registered, they can create real time content which contains snapshots of webpages or deals they have to offer to their customers. Once sent, they can even track the performance of that webpage through the Movable Ink dashboard and see how many recipients have opened the email.

Movable Ink also offers many other useful features to its customers such as New Creative Optimizer which allow users to auto-optimize their campaigns, New Live Tweets which displays live tweets in the emails, show local maps where the recipient opens the email and much more. The web service also offers daily deal sites and publishers a countdown timer which can be embedded to tell customers when a specific deal is going to end.

Movable Ink offers 2 paid plans as well which contains extra features including no watermarks, unlimited images, API access and much more.


  • The service is free of charge.
  • Embed countdown timers.
  • Make emails interesting by embedding images.
  • Display live web content and deals in emails.
  • Offers paid plans starting from $49.

Check out Movable Ink @

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  1. Anonymous
    October 22, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    Sounds like the email has an external link to an image advert or anything that is generated by Movable every time the URL is called. the problem for rich-content emails generated through MovableInk and Brandmymail is that email clients are more often supporting a very minimalistic non-rich content and may show the external referenced image only with manual approval of the viewer.