MouseFlow: Analyse Website Visitor Behavior

You cannot successfully cater to your site’s visitors solely by knowing how many people visited your site; you need to find a way to know what they actually do once they are on your site. This is what Mouseflow lets us do.

mouseflow   MouseFlow: Analyse Website Visitor Behavior

Mouseflow is a web service that gathers data, telling us which areas of our site are getting the most attention by our visitors. Areas being overlooked by users can then be improved to gain more attention.

The data is presented as heat maps. Furthermore Mouseflow can actually record a visitor’s activity on our site; this can greatly help the site owner in determining the user friendliness of the site and how visitors interact with the available tools.

All of this is performed in real time. The free plan allows monitoring of 1 website with up to 100 monthly recordings which are stored for 1 month.

mouseflow1   MouseFlow: Analyse Website Visitor Behavior


  • Watch how your visitors are using your website – seconds after they visited.
  • See all mouse movements, clicks, scroll events, key strokes and form interaction.
  • Discover problematic parts of your website and learn how to enhance the user experience.
  • Get a visual overview of the clicks received by your pages.
  • Compare heatmaps from different periods to measure the effects of changes made to the website.
  • See if non-links are clicked and consider turning them into links.
  • Check the real bounce rate of your page.
  • No installation files and recording scripts are hosted
  • Just add a line of code to your pages and the recording will start.
  • Supports HTTPS protocol.
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