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If your desktop mouse or laptop touchpad stops working, you are unable to move the mouse pointer on screen. You could control the mouse pointer through your keyboard by enabling the Windows native MouseKeys feature. However MouseKeys makes use of the numeric pad, something usually missing from laptops.

Instead of MouseKeys, Windows users should opt for MouseFIGHTER, a program that offers a greater deal of convenience and customization.

control the mouse with the keyboard

MouseFIGHTER is a freeware program compatible with Windows operating systems running .NET framework 2.0 or higher. Sized at only 2MB, the app can be downloaded and installed fast. Through the program you can set custom hotkeys for particular mouse movements. You can even specify mouse sensitivity and brake length. You use a hotkey to shift from regular typing to MouseFIGHTER and back.

Any Windows user who wants to use the keyboard to control the mouse pointer will find MouseFIGHTER to be greatly helpful.

control mouse pointer keyboard



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