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Going mobile is the next big online frontier for brands and businesses, and while Facebook has established itself as peoples default social network on the desktop, the competition for social networking on the mobile space is still up for grabs. But nothing embraces mobile social networking more than Motribe. This website allows you to create social networking websites primarily optimized for mobile devices.

create a social networking website

Once you have signed up for a free account, you can then integrate your mobile social network into your website. Features include chat and community support, creation of mobile blogs, photosharing and more. You can also add your own spin by using the Home Page Layout Manager to make your MoTribe website unique.

This website is very handy for businesses looking to engage their mobile audience a bit more. This also helps in converting desktop Mac users into portables. This tool is for new businesses who can use a boost by just creating their own MoTribe page.


  • Social network for mobile devices.
  • Create your own social network.
  • Toggle through different options.
  • Add Chat and Discussions to Page.
  • Website optimized for mobile devices.

Check out Motribe @


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