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The Internet, in addition to being a massive knowledge resource, is also a huge collection of entertaining websites. If you find yourself in a ‘down’ mood, you can log onto one of many websites and get a good laugh. One such website is ‘MotiFake’.

funny fake motivational posters

In case you are not aware of them, “demotivational posters” are funny photographs with captions that are often ironic or sarcastic. When done right, the combination of the pictures and captions are hilarious. MotiFake simply lists demotivational posters and organizes them.

You will get the latest posters on the site’s homepage but you can always browse them according to top rated, the tag cloud, and by checking which one the latest comments were made on. You can also create your own demotivational posters by adding a caption, tags, and by uploading pictures either through your PC or a URL.

make fake motivational posters



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