Morphases: Create A Realistic Face Online

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Creating your own realistic face avatar has just become easier with Morphases. Morphases is a realistic face maker that allows you to create realistic computer generated faces in real-time. This tool lets you create and modify human-like images from different realistic elements that are stored in a comprehensive database they call a genebank, allowing you to draw any face that you wish.

create a realistic face online

Start using the editor by selecting a gender (male, female, or both).  Then you will have 10 elements that you can choose from including the hair, eyebrows, eyes, nose, and more.  You can then change the position, size, and rotation for each these elements.

You can also browse the database and search for other styles to change its look. Once done, you can send a link to yourself or to your friends’ email.

realistic face maker

Morphases is a nice tool for anyone who needs to simulate realistic faces. You can imagine that this will be useful to hairdressers, police, artists and more.


  • Realistic face modeling online.
  • Free; no sign up required.
  • Modify and create human faces from different elements in real time.
  • Create and play with any real or unreal face.
  • Uses natural face elements.
  • Show Favorite user creations.
  • Similar tools: FaceMaker, PimpTheFace, and CaricatureMaker.

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Incredibly user-unfriendly site – no instructions, not at all intuitive. I imagine if a person were willing to put a couple hours in, it might become a useful tool. Otherwise, mostly useless.

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